The on-again, off-again romance I’ve been embroiled in since last spring is now permanently off. I suppose that’s how he thinks of it, and I KNOW that’s how I think of it! 😛

I’m won’t go back there again. “Here be monsters,” as old maps used to say toward the edges of the known world.

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Image: Hackernoon.

So I am relieved of all that emotional turmoil and can instead journey forward to a sunnier place (even though it is now autumn, and winter fast approaches!).

I can redirect my thoughts and energies to regaining my health, which has been undergoing more onslaughts, and getting fit for my trip to Iceland in June. 🙂

snaeffels-peninsula-1132014-222515_horiz-large (1)
Snaefellsnes, Iceland. Photo credit: unknown.

Before then, I’ve gotten Professor Sara M. Butler’s permission to audit her Medieval England class for Spring Semester.

Although “Spring” may be a bit of a misnomer, since classes run from the beginning of January through the third week of April. Not much springlike weather during that time period! Think instead: winter in middle North America, with a couple of weeks of spring at the end, hopefully! 😛

But someone told me that climatologists are predicting a mild and relatively dry winter for our area of central Ohio, USA, which would be fabulous, since I’ll be hiking across a huge campus, after first arriving there on foot from my off-campus parking spot.

And due to the timing of the class, I’ll first have to fight morning rush hour twice a week. But at least it’s not three times a week!

Besides, I really do want a better overview of the history of England from the time of the Roman conquest to 1485. This class will give me just that! 🙂

Before my class starts in January, I’ll be learning seasonal madrigals with a small group of other women from the SCA, for us to perform the first Saturday of January for our Middle Marches Baronial Twelfth Night celebration.

Both the rehearsals, on November and December Sunday afternoons, and the performance itself, as well as the rest of the festivities (including a fabulous Tudor feast!), will bring me much joy. ❤

Image: Oshkosh North Choirs Madrigal Singers,

So, all in all, things are looking up! 🙂