This evening I took my life back, I put it back on the right track.

Recently I had gone pretty far astray, leading a life that someone else wanted me to lead.

I tried really hard to conform to his expectations of me.

But I kept failing. Miserably.

Because his expectations of me were not true to who I am.

And he was not interested in my true self, but in finding someone who would fill a convenient role in his life.

I am not a convenience feature.

“You cannot buy me, you cannot sell me, no, no….”

“Out of Reach” and “One of the Girls”

‘Cause I might have been “just one of the girls” he was seeing, but that didn’t put a price tag on me.

That didn’t make me a convenience that could fit neatly into his life, with little thought for my own needs and desires.

No, no….

“I’m just myself, I’m not something sitting up on a shelf, no, no….”