The Old North Columbus neighborhood is home to a real gem for live music, Dick’s Den.

Dick's Den

Dick’s is a stalwart that has offered live music over the decades for the enjoyment and edification of Cbus aficionados, complete with inexpensive drinks and newly-clean restrooms. Check out Dick’s website for its calendar of jazz and bluegrass bands and other esoteric info here: The One & Only Dick’s Den.

Recently when I went to hear Roger Hines and Stan Smith play at Barcelona in German Village (see my post about it here), I found out that another friend of ours from way back in the day has a standing Sunday night gig at Dick’s.

That friend is the drummer Wally Mitchel, the man of the tastiest licks on the skins. 😛

I think it has been around 35 years since I last heard Wally, when he was playing with the band Ample Parking. My band Townsend, Wilson and Friends shared a bill with them and some other groups at “Raise the Roof,” a fundraiser for a new roof for the Northend Community Center, which happened to burn down shortly after the gig (!). See here, for some photos of my band at that gig.

Playing with Wally last Sunday at Dick’s were Matt Adams on saxophones and Matt Pyetsen, with Anthony Jackson sitting in on tenor sax. Bad journo me, I didn’t get everyone’s name! 😛 But then, I don’t get paid for this, do I? 😉

The band did some nice stuff. There was a new one for me that I particularly liked called “Country.” Very melodic, lending itself to some fine solos by Mr. Adams, especially!



This audio clip has really terrible sound quality. Maybe someone would like to buy me that latest Android with the fabulous recording sound, even underwater? 😉 A girl can always dream….