My blogosphere buddies Mel & Suan of Singapore (who are amazingly well-traveled; see their excellent travel blog here.) recently suggested that I should start posting about different neighborhoods here in central Ohio. After giving it all of fifteen minutes’ thought, I decided that I would attempt to follow their suggestion. ๐Ÿ™‚

This evening I went to hear some live jazz at Barcelona, a Spanish restaurant in the Columbus, Ohio neighborhood of German Village. German Village is south of present-day downtown and is one of the oldest and most charming areas of town. But woe to the visitor who wants to park there! Luckily Barcelona and other top-notch German Village clubs and restaurants provide valet parking at a nominal cost.

The most excellent music tonight was provided by Stan Smith on guitar and Roger Hines on bass. I remember long ago (as in over forty years ago!) listening to these guys play and admiring not just their chops, but their essential musicality. Happily, they have continued to get even better on both fronts. So tonight was a real treat to the ears. โค

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to get a recording of them playing. Doh! ๐Ÿ˜›

But I did get some photos at least.




I’d been to Barcelona years ago a couple of times with friends of mine who were professors at The Ohio State University in Columbus, as well as Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. The OSU profs included my mother, June H. Townsend, of the Spanish department, who later headed the Modern Languages Department of Wilmington (Ohio) College. The OU contingent included the medievalist Josephine Bloomfield, who has been my best friend since I was five and she was ten–now that’s history!

Barcelona never disappoints, either in its menu or its ambience. It has a contemporary Spanish menu and wine selection, which can otherwise be hard to find in central Ohio. The bar area is cozy while not being cute.






I enjoyed getting to know my neighbors. To the right of me was a family of three, Dave and Tami and their son Ryan:




On my other side was a charming young couple named Brandi and Marc. I simply couldn’t get enough of Brandi’s smile! Neither could Marc, I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Brandi was kind enough to take my photo.


No evening is complete without the attentions of a really first-rate server. In this respect my server Paul did most definitely excel. โค


You can learn more about Barcelona on its Facebook page,ย here.

So there you have it! How did I do, Mel & Suan? ๐Ÿ˜‰