Hahahaha! I should pay you guys to listen to these two songs. What a funky recording! 😛


“Out of Reach” and “One of the Girls” are two rock songs I wrote in the early ’80’s for the band Townsend, Wilson and Friends. The songs were part of an unfinished sci-fi rock opera that my then-husband and soon to be father of our sons, Ted Wilson (now Eakins), and I were writing. We did some of the songs at Comfest ’82 (pictured above) and Raise the Roof, also in ’82:

Townsend Wilson and Friends 1982
Townsend, Wilson and Friends, 1982, Raise the Roof. L to R: Mary Colleen Russell (now Townsend), Timi Townsend, Ted Wilson (now Eakins).
me, Mary and Ted at Raise the Roof 1982
Mary, me, and Ted at Raise the Roof.

My voice was higher and stronger then. And I could actually play rhythm guitar. I usually played rock stuff on a Gibson Melody Maker through a Fender Vibro Champ tube amp. On Ted’s originals I usually played a Jethro Tull-like flute thing.

Mary was an amazing vocalist for the band. ❤ Ted played bass guitar, as well as guitar, and sang. Gary Hang played lead guitar and some keyboards. My brother Tom Townsend, Mary’s husband now, was on keyboards, including a Farfisa stage organ, when he was in the USA. We had a really funky percussionist, whose name I’ve unfortunately forgotten, who played a mean bongo fury. 😉

The little recording here is just for sh*ts and giggles. 😉 I did it first thing this morning, before getting down to work on the very last steps of my Coronation garb: anything to put that off! I was playing my acoustic/electric Yamaha travel guitar through the Fender Mini Twin amp. See “Greenville” and “She Moved Through The Faire” for pics and descriptions.

Townsend, Wilson and Friends had an interesting repertoire of originals by both Ted and me, as well as covers from such wildly various artists as Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, The Shirelles, and Stevie Nicks. The band’s main thrust, besides getting our space opera out into the ether, was to play danceable music for live audiences at events to raise money for social justice causes. It was lots of fun! ❤