Last Thursday I hung out for an hour with the kids in the after-school program that is held in the basement of my church, Summit on 16th United Methodist Church. My friend Tropi (aka Maryam Critchet) runs the program for Universal Nourishment.

Tropi’s son Ethan was in the class I volunteered for in the summer of 2016 at Freedom School. Here he is:

Timi and Ethan
Kaylee, Jordyn and Ethan

The after-school program is in the very same room where Juhi Banerjee and I were D.E.A.R. readers for Freedom School, before Juhi and her husband Amol Aggarwal moved away, first to the Cleveland, Ohio area, and then to Richmond, Virginia. I dearly miss them both! See Freedom School 2016.

Here is a photo of Juhi, Amol, and me on Labor Day 2016 at the Ohio Renaissance Festival:

Juhi, Amol and me ORF Sept 5th 2016
Juhi, Amol and me ORF
Juhi, Amol and me at his birthday dinner.

This past Thursday when I attended the after-school program, it was music day and the kids got in a circle to lead a band with the other kids or do a solo. The teacher had provided a keyboard for the kids to use.  There were also a variety of things that could be used as percussion instruments.

I asked the teacher if I could do a song, too, at the end of the circle. She said yes.

This video captures the event: the kids and me singing “Hit the Road, Jack!” The folks who didn’t play percussion used puppets. This is the first band I’ve fronted that consisted in large part of puppets! 🙂

I haven’t played keyboard or piano in at least six years.  But the kids were a forgiving group to make music with!

Sometimes the video goes sideways. ROFLMAO!

Enjoy anyway. ❤