Today, due in part to the generosity of my dear friend Tim Porges, I got a new sewing machine, a Husqvarna Viking Anniversary Edition Tribute 145M.

A new machine became necessary because my Singer Simple bit the dust. Its last bobbin jam proved fatal. Even though I did manage to clear out that jam, the machine would not run without continuing to jam regardless of how I inserted the bobbin, or which bobbin I used.

I took some pictures of the Singer’s bobbin housing while I was in the process of dismantling it so that I could clear the jam. The pictures were to enable me to put the housing parts back together again correctly, because the last time I took them apart I couldn’t figure out how to get them back together:

The hand wheel wouldn’t budge a millimeter; this jam was so bad. I thought once I had cleared it, that all would be OK once I inserted the bobbins correctly, but it was not to be. Apparently something was more deeply screwed up with it. And taking it in for repair was out of the question after I talked with some repair folks. Too expensive for what I’d paid for the machine in the first place.

And you wonder why we have a throwaway culture….

Anyway, on to the good news:

I really wanted a Viking machine. Not, as my friend Tim asked, because I do Viking reenactment with the SCA, but because they are superior machines. They are designed in Sweden, a country known for good design. But they are a lot more expensive than brands like Singer.

Most of my serious sewing friends, like Janet VanMeter, use Vikings.

I found out that Amazon doesn’t carry Viking brand machines. So I went to the Husqvarna Viking website and looked at their machines. But there were no prices listed. Then I saw a link for “Promotions,” and I clicked on it.

I discovered that this month there is a promotion on the Anniversary Models Tribute 145C and 145M. The 145C is the computerized version and way out of my price range, but the 145M, on this special sale, was almost attainable.

When I mentioned it to Tim, he said that he would send me the difference between what I could pay for a new machine and what the Viking Tribute 145M costs on this promotion! ❤

What a friend, huh? 🙂

Here is a recent photo of Tim, who is an artist, writer, and cat person (among other attributes), as well as the person I know who knows the most about the most things. We went to college at Grinnell in Iowa together back in the day:

Tim Porges selfie 2017
Tim Porges 2017

What this photo doesn’t show is that he has the most amazing blue eyes!  I haven’t actually seen Tim in over a year, or even longer. Last time I saw him was when he came to help me through a gallbladder surgery. Ugh.

But we did have an enjoyable time at my church and then at The Ohio State University Wexner Center for the Arts, an oasis of contemporary art here in the heartland of the US.

Approaching the Wex from the west, or Oval, side of Main Campus:

Here are some photos I took inside the Wex at an exhibit last year. Find out more about this show at The Oval and the Wexner Center at The Ohio State University:

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This sale on the Tribute 145M was so good that my local Viking dealer was all sold out by the time I called them yesterday. They had sold their floor model the day before. But I checked with dealers farther away, and I found one at closing time last night. The dealer was willing to reserve it and put it in the back for me to pick it up today.

Today when I picked it up, I discovered that the promotional price for the Tribute 145M is almost 50% off the regular price. No wonder they were selling out!  There’s no way I could have gotten this machine at the regular price.

Anyway, I’ve just started to set the new machine up, but I wanted to share my great news with you, my friends in the blogosphere! 🙂