Here is a ten-minute recording of me practicing in the living room on my purple Celtic harp, a Flatsicle from Rees Harps in Indiana, USA.

It is a one-take, live recording using the tiny Zoom H1 recorder. You can even hear my chair squeak! No stopping or edits or studio effects, just raw performance, warts, wrong notes, and all. πŸ˜‰

The first song is an instrumental, an English traditional song called “Putney Ferry.”

The second song, also just on the harp, is traditional Welsh: “The Queen’s March.”

The third and longest song is “Cruel Sister,” also known as “Two Sisters.” It is an English traditional song. On this one, I play the harp and sing.

I hope you will enjoy this little practice session caught on RECORD!

Me playing the harp last year at Winter War Maneuvers, Marion Co. Fairgrounds, Ohio:

me playing harp at Winter War Maneuvers March 4, 2017

Where my harp lives, in the living room, along with a Renaissance lute and classical guitar and a music stand (purple, of course!):

my Flatsicle harp