Such an amazing event. And this is a wonderful blog–please visit Linda at Handcrafted History!

Handcrafted History

This April our group visited the vikings at Årsunda and their event “Vårblot”. They have such an amazing site with a viking house and an open area for tents and a market. I really liked their efforts in keeping all modern things hidden away, water posts, cleaning areas, car parking- everything was hidden away so the experience was really 100 % viking. I was pretty sure I already had post about Årsunda, but apparently I only posted some photos of friends before, so here’s more at the actual site and what we did.


Making breakfast and coffee is sometimes the most important…




Hanging out, eating, drinking and braiding hair. That pretty much sums up our weekend.


Digging a ditch, or hiding something?


Inside the viking house after Saturday festivities.


Outside the house


The site was completely “all-viking”, until Sunday when we practically packed away the camp while sitting…

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