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Hi everyone,

Today we would like to share a fun little story put together by MORE TH>N that was put together for National cat day earlier this year:


– MORE TH>N reveals the perfect life of a cat –

Imagine this: a ten-hour sleep, an invigorating stroll in the great outdoors, two hours relaxing in a sunny spot and a delicious dinner. Sound like a perfect day? Well it is, but not just for humans. It’s actually a part of what makes for a perfect day in the perfect life of a cat.

For National Cat Day 2016, MORE TH>N Pet Insurance conducted research with 1,000 cat owners across the UK to find out what they believe constitutes the ideal life for their feline friends. From here, and based on the average feline life span of 14 years, MORE TH>N compiled a ‘blueprint’ outlining some of the must-have…

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